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Please note that events may be changed or cancelled at short notice. Always check here first. Some events are run by other clubs and organisations and the Indian Harley Club has no responsibility for these.

Come & Try Day

  • 17 Apr 2021
  • 10:00 AM
  • Willinge Drive, Picton, Road Train Assembly Area


Start Time - 1000

Venue – Road Train Assembly Area, Willinge Dve (near Outer Ring Rd Roundabout)


Here is a great opportunity to try something different:

  • If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to ride a 1950's, 40's, 30's 20's or even a Veteran bike, this may be the perfect event.  Come along and have a short supervised ride on a selection of the older machines.
  • If you have an older bike and are willing to share the experience of riding it with other club members, bring it along.  You will be able to see your pride and joy the whole time and supervise the ride. 
  • If you're riding in Mick Turner's Rigid / Girder Run the next day, here's your chance to do some testing and tuning.  If it's not running right you will get many suggestions for what to do with it   from the ever helpful crowd. 
  • Bring along your oldest bike to share  and try out some others for short supervised rides around the Road Train Assembly area.
  • Backup departs at 1115 for long route (65km) or 1145 for short ride (11km) and all meet at the Dardanup Tavern for Lunch / Refreshments
  • If you're coming from afar, stay the night with one of our friendly hosts and roll into Mick Turner's Pre-48 run the next day.

Michael Rock

Andrew Repton

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