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Code 404 Proposed Changes

12 Jan 2021 2:22 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Dear Members,

Over the past few months there has been some growing confusion and concern which grew from a Media Statement by the Minister for Transport on 6 September 2020.  This media statement described the new Concessions for Classics (C4C) Scheme primarily aimed at allowing modified vehicles access to a concession scheme.  It also said the 404 Scheme would be modernized to mirror the restrictions and responsibilities of the new C4C Scheme.  I have attached this Media Statement for your info here along with an elaboration from the CMC.

Concessional Licensing new regs - August 2020.pdf

Our response to this is attached here:

IHC letter to CMC 14OCT2020.docx

These concerns have been raised by our representative body, the Council of Motoring Clubs of WA (Inc) or (CMC).  The CMC have been corresponding and meeting with the Department of Transport (DoT) representing the interests of over 100 Historic Vehicle member clubs during the development stages of the new scheme.  The CMC was led to believe that the 404 scheme would not be changed as the new C4C scheme was introduced.  It has now become clear that changes are proposed.  I have attached  a 22OCT20 letter from Geoff Moor, President of the CMC 

CMC letter Code 404 surprised 22OCT20.pdf

The only info we can see from the DoT is  from their website copied here in italics:

It is proposed the Veteran/Vintage (404) scheme will soon be modernised, mirroring the vehicle use restrictions and motoring club responsibilities of the Concessions for Classics scheme. 

When implemented, Veteran/Vintage participants will have the flexibility to use their vehicle for 90 days per annum – 60 days for participation in club sanction events and 30 days for personal use, testing, maintenance or repair. 

DoT approved car clubs will be required to maintain a record of vehicle use by their members for auditing and compliance with the scheme. 

Concession entitlements and vehicle conditions for vehicles licensed under the Veteran/ Vintage scheme will remain the same.

Or you can see it here:

The latest communication follows also in italics and is the content of an email from the Secretary of the CMC to all member clubs dated 22DEC20:

Good afternoon all,

At last night's meeting the issue regarding Code 404 was discussed and it was pointed out that discussions with the Department of Transport (DoT) have not been proceeding very well and that undesirable changes are likely to be introduced. 

As such the CMC urges member clubs, and individual members, to write to the Minister for Transport and politicians of both the  upper and lower houses in their area expressing their concerns. The CMC has prepared the attached draft template letter and requests it be widely distributed to political circles. Please ensure it is circulated and includes the name and address of who it’s being sent to and who is sending it. Please also send the letter of complaint to:

Hon. Rita Saffioti MLA
Minister for Transport; Planning

Level 9, Dumas House, 2 Havelock Street

The Veteran Car Club has already written to the Minister for Transport and a copy of the letter they sent is also attached as promised last night.  We touched on Public Liability Insurance and a paper that has been prepared in this regard is attached for your information.

All the very best for the festive season.

Kind regards,

Frank Casella.


Back to me again, I have also attached a copy of that letter from the VCC to the Minister here so you can see their argument:

VCC Letter to Minister for Transport re 404 Changes(VCCWA) Dec 2020.pdf

You may also have seen various VCC and CMC members in the media this week expressing their concerns to all.

I invite you all to read the documents and form your own opinion.  If you wish to correspond with the Minister for Transport or any other Minister you will find a link to their addresses in one of the documents or our Secretary will put it up soon on this website.

As a club response requires general consensus I will be keen to hear see your opinion on email to on how we should respond.


Michael Rock


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